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Liposuction: Pros and Cons

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for women to feel insecure about their bodies. There is a certain standard of beauty that has been set, and it is often very difficult to attain. If you’re having trouble attaining your body goals, you may need to seek the help of Dr. Rifai and the Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. They are able to help with a wide variety of issues, including removing stubborn fat pockets with liposuction.body-lipo-03L-after

What Is It?

Liposuction is the process of targeting fat cells in the body and removing them with a suction process. It decreases the excess fat cells in your body and allows you to make some significant progress on your weight loss journey. It targets a wide variety of areas, and can even help more difficult problem areas like your arms, abs, and neck.

What Are the Pros of Liposculpture?

Those who have undergone liposculpture report that it has a lot of wonderful benefits, the most obvious being the dramatic weight loss. Other pros include:

  • Easy Recovery: The soreness and discomfort from the surgery may linger, but you’ll be mobile quickly. The majority of patients who undergo liposculpture are able to be mobile the very next day. However, depending on how much fat was removed during the procedure, additional bed rest time may be advised or needed. Any lingering discomfort is easily treated with pain medications.
  • Quick Results: There will be some swelling as a result of the surgery. However, within two to three weeks, most patients are able to see a visible change in their appearance. From there, they are able to make significant strides. In fact, most people who undergo liposculpture lose two-thirds of their weight over the course of two years.
  • Self Esteem Boost: Many who have had liposuction report a boost in self-esteem and increased opportunities at their place of work.

Are There Any Cons?

While liposculpture is a wonderful procedure, there are some requirements that have to be met before you can be considered a candidate. To qualify for the procedure, you must:

  • Have failed repeatedly at losing weight through other methods
  • Have proof of this failure
  • Have a BMI that is considered extremely obese. Typically, the qualifying weight to be considered a candidate for this procedure is at least one hundred pounds over the average weight for other persons your height and age.

If you’ve been unable to reach your health goals, liposculpture may be the solution you need.

Posted Date: 07-21-2016

Tummy Tucks in Time for Summer

If you’ve been working hard to achieve the body you want, you may find it difficult to achieve all the results you originally had in mind. Many women find it difficult to get rid of excess skin that stretched to hold the weight they gained. If you’ve reached your ideal weight, or a weight close to it, you may want to consider getting a tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty).Dr Rifai - Tummy tuck

Why Abdominoplasty?

When you work to achieve your goals, you deserve to have the body you’ve been envisioning. However, losing excess skin on your own isn’t likely, and this issue may be holding you back from reaching your health goals. With a tummy tuck, you’re able to change this. You’ll be able to:

  • Lose Excess Weight:  If you’re close to your fitness goals but seem to be stuck, getting a tummy tuck might help you get back on track.
  • Look Lean and Smooth: Many women have a hard time reshaping their bodies after pregnancy. With this procedure, you’ll look even better than you did before you had your first child.
  • Eliminate Back Pain: Many women are surprised by how much excess skin weighs them down. Having this skin removed will help you feel better and eliminate aches and pains.

How Does It Work?

When performing a tummy tuck, specialists like Dr. Rifai from the Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will make an incision near your hip and abdomen. They will then work to repair, tighten, and firm your muscles to help them fit better underneath your skin. After this has been accomplished, they will carefully drape your skin back over your abdominal muscles and “tuck” it in to give it a smooth and firm look. The whole procedure should only take about three to four hours to complete and is fairly simple. After it is over, you’ll likely feel some discomfort and pain, but these will be treated with pain medications.

What Are the Benefits?

By having an abdominoplasty, you’ll be able to:

  • Look and feel young again
  • Get rid of sagging skin that has been weighing you down for years
  • Decrease or eliminate the amount of back pain you’re feeling
  • Get rid of your stretch marks and have a body that may be in even better shape than you were before pregnancy

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your fitness goals, abdominoplasty may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Posted Date: 07-20-2016

All There Is to Know about Breast Implants

It is very common for women to be insecure about their breasts. Many women feel that their breasts are inadequate, resulting in self-confidence issues. Thankfully, there are many ways to restore your confidence. One of them is breast augmentation.breast implants - dr. rifai

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the process of surgically enhancing the shape and size of your breasts. There are several different procedures that you can choose from, including:

  • Breast Augmentation: a procedure that can enlarge your breasts, work on enhancing the symmetry of your breasts, and eliminate sagging
  • Breast Lift: corrects sagging caused by aging
  • Breast Reduction: reduces the size and weight of breasts that are too large
  • Breast Implant Removal or Replacement: for women who have decided they would like to get their breast implants removed or resized
  • Areola Reduction: corrects the size of areolas after pregnancy
  • Nipple Reduction: corrects the size of your nipples
  • Inverted Nipple Correction: restores the shape of inverted nipples

If you want to change the size or shape of your breasts, consult a specialist like Dr. Rifai from the Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to see which method would work best for you.

What Types of Implants Are There?

While there are many different types of breast implants available, the major implant types fall into two main groups: saline implants and silicone implants.

Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution after being implanted. Because of this, the incisions needed to place them are smaller and will heal more quickly. These implants are often recommended to women who have uneven breasts, because they can be easily adjusted.

Silicone implants are much larger and require a bigger incision before they can be placed properly. However, many women and cosmetic surgeons feel that these implants look more “real” than their saline counterparts, which is why they are so popular.

How Do I Know if They’re Right for Me?

To receive a breast augmentation, you must:

  • Be over the age of 18, and finished having children and breastfeeding
  • Make sure that you are free of infection, as this could cause complications with the surgery
  • Try to stop smoking at least four weeks before your procedure is scheduled. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in your body and constricts your veins, making it difficult to recover properly.

If you are worried about these issues, talk to a specialist like Dr. Rifai about your concerns during your consultation time.

What Should I Expect?

The level of pain varies by patient, but you will be able to alleviate the pain with medicine provided by your doctors. Some women report that they do not need prescription medication, and that the use of Tylenol or ibuprofen is enough to ease the discomfort.

It is also likely that you’ll experience swelling to some degree. Your breasts will appear bigger than they are designed to be, and may also sit higher for a short period of time. This is in part due to muscle contraction, which will relax in time. These symptoms should disappear within three to six weeks.

Posted Date: 07-20-2016

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

Have you ever felt insecure about your breasts? Some women lose mass in their breasts after they lose weight or have a pregnancy. Other women have naturally small breasts and want to find a way to compensate for what they were endowed with. Regardless of your situation, the Birmingham Cosmetic Clinic has a solution for you.

Breast augmentation - Dr. Rifai

Are You a Viable Candidate?

Before starting your search for the perfect breast augmentation process, you’ll need to make sure you fulfill all the requirements. Before receiving implants, you’ll need to make sure that you:

  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are finished having children
  • Are in good health
  • Understand the process
  • Are emotionally balanced

If you meet these requirements, you’ll be able to meet with specialists to talk about the process further. They’ll help you decide which procedure would be best for you.

How Should You Prepare?

Some of these instructions may vary depending on your doctor, but Dr. Rifai from the Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will ask you to do the following.

If you have a smoking habit, you’ll need to stop before undergoing the augmentation process. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen found in your system and can cause complications when your body tries to heal after the surgery. To ensure your safe recovery, you’ll need to stop the habit before undergoing the surgery.

It is important to make sure that you are free of infection before scheduling a surgery, as this can also cause complications.

Don’t use any medications not prescribed by your surgeon. Typically, you’ll need to refrain from using any sort of over-the-counter medicine such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, and cut out vitamin and herbal supplements, for at least 30 days prior to your surgery.

Avoid wearing any makeup, jewelry (including body piercings), hair accessories, or contact lenses during the surgery. These can interfere with your procedure and be harmful to you.

Additionally, you’ll want to abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the augmentation, and refrain from eating or drinking for at least eight hours before the start of your surgery.

If you’re interested in having a breast augmentation done, you’ll find a variety of solutions that will interest you. Make sure that you’re well prepared for these procedures and are able to recover quickly.

Posted Date: 07-20-2016

Juvederm®’s Natural Active Ingredients

One of the questions our Detroit cosmetic surgery frequently gets regarding dermal fillers is the safety of the ingredients used to make them. This makes sense: after all, some of the ingredients used are referred to as “toxins” by scientists, a word that makes many people nervous. However, the ingredients in all the fillers used at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe through scientific research. And in the case of fillers like Juvederm®, the ingredients used tend to naturally occur in your own body.

The active ingredient in Juvederm® is hyaluronic acid, a compound that is found in your skin and is responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. As you age, your body becomes less effective at producing hyaluronic acid, and your skin tends to wrinkle and sag. Fortunately, Juvederm® can make up the difference, giving your body the ingredients it needs to keep your skin full and

Juvederm® is a specialty product that has been FDA-approved for treating the “smile lines” on either side of your mouth. It is also often used in other areas:

  • Lines around the mouth
  • On the lips
  • “Marionette lines” below the corners of the mouth
  • On the cheeks

To learn whether Juvederm® is right for you, talk to our Detroit cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rifai. Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery has locations throughout Michigan that make us convenient for people in Southfield, Ann Arbor, Dundee, and Port Huron. You can set up an initial consultation by calling (248) 723-9370, or by filling out a form on our website.

Posted Date: 07-31-2015

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX®?

With over 6 million BOTOX® procedures done in 2014, the popularity of this injectable skin-smoothing solution is as high as ever. More and more people are discovering that botulin injections can give their faces a fresher, more youthful look with the help of an experienced and professional cosmetic surgeon. But how do you know if BOTOX® is right for you?

Obviously, the main question you want to ask yourself before getting any dermal fillers is, “are there lines on my forehead or other areas of my face that I would like to go away, or at least become less prominent?” There’s not much evidence that BOTOX® does anything for people who don’t have wrinkles yet. Some people believe that it could prevent wrinkles in the future by reducing the movement of forehead muscles, but this has yet to be studied.

Beyond that, there aren’t many reasons you would not be a good candidate for BOTOX®. Most people who get the procedure are in their mid-30s or older, but anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can qualify for BOTOX® treatment.

You may want to think twice about getting BOTOX® if:

  • You have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in BOTOX®
  • You have a condition that affects your nerves or muscles
  • You have a skin infection
  • You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding

In certain cases, you may still be able to benefit from BOTOX®, but you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Rifai before you make any decisions. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rifai at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery, contact us by calling (248) 723-9370. We serve patients in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas.

Posted Date: 07-15-2015

When Will My Breast Implants Feel Normal?

Perennially the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, breast augmentation is also a relatively simple surgery with a quick recovery time. However, that recovery time can be painful and disconcerting. For the first few weeks, swollen tissues may cause your implants to feel unnaturally tight, and possibly painful. You may also discover the implants are sitting higher on your chest than you expected.

The good news is that this is all perfectly normal for a breast augmentation procedure. While breast augmentation recovery times can differ, the breast implants should start to sit naturally on your chest after 3-6 weeks. You can return to work as soon as a week after your procedure, unless your job requires physical activity that puts a strain on your chest.

To deal with breast implants in your recovery period, you should:

  • Wear a compression garment and recovery bra
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers for the pain
  • Avoid heavy lifting, exercise, or any other physical activity that uses chest muscles

A follow-up appointment with your cosmetic surgeon a few weeks after the surgery will let the doctor know whether your recovery is on track. Once the swelling goes down and the implants “settle” on the chest, you will start to feel more normal, but the continued presence of breast implants within your chest may take some getting used to. Like with any cosmetic procedure, you will become more comfortable with your results the more time you spend with them.

To schedule a consultation for a breast augmentation, call Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery at (248) 723-9370 today, or contact us through this website. We have locations in Detroit, Southfield, Port Huron, Ann Arbor, Dundee, and Jackson.

Posted Date: 06-30-2015

What Are Spider Veins?

One of the main cosmetic issues that Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery tries to address through our vein center is the prevalence of spider veins, unsightly blue lines on the skin that branch out in several directions. If you see these lines on your legs or elsewhere on your body, they may give you persistent feelings of self-consciousness.

Spider veins are caused by a host of issues, but generally the major reasons for them come down to age and lifestyle. As you get older, certain veins in your legs will become less efficient at moving blood up the legs, against the pull of gravity. This causes the veins to widen and turn blue or purple, and either branch out like spider veins or stick out from the skin like varicose veins. Jobs that require you to stand up for long periods of time contribute to the condition, as do conditions such as obesity or pregnancy.

At Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center, we make it our goal to treat conditions like spider veins with a time-tested and minimally invasive solution called sclerotherapy. Rather than allowing the blood to build up in a spider vein, we inject a saline solution into the vein that causes it to harden and close off. This allows your blood to flow upward more effectively through less worn-out veins in your leg.

To learn more about your spider vein treatment options, contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery to schedule an initial consultation at one of our Detroit, Jackson, Dundee, Southfield, or Port Huron locations. Give us a call at (248) 723-9370 today.

Posted Date: 06-15-2015

After Weight-Loss Surgery, Consider a Tummy Tuck

Weight-loss surgeries have only gotten more popular as scientific evidence shows how effective they can be. These surgeries frequently lead to a rapid loss of weight, and with it, a large amount of excess skin hanging off your body. If you live in the Detroit area and are dealing with unflattering excess skin after weight loss, a tummy tuck can help you gain a svelte new form.

A tummy tuck can:

  • Remove excess or sagging skin from your body
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Help women regain their old shape after pregnancy
  • Eliminate pain and complications arising from the weight of extra skin
  • Give you a body that reflects your recent weight loss
  • Restore your confidence in your body and yourself

While a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is not ideal for losing weight, it can be very helpful for dealing with sudden weight loss. After all, you didn’t lose all that fat just to have unsightly skin sagging and hanging off your body! Properly done, the procedure smoothes and tightens the skin around your torso, and with our cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai working on you, the results will be something to behold.

If you have recently lost a lot of weight, abdominoplasty may have a lot to offer. To learn more about what a tummy tuck can do for you, contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery to set up an initial consultation with our tummy tuck surgeon today. Call our practice at (248) 723-9370. We serve patients in Detroit, Springfield, Port Huron, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas.

Posted Date: 05-30-2015

Get Your Fillers Done by a Pro

Our patients in the Southfield area who are thinking of getting dermal fillers like BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles and correct flaws in their facial features may want to keep in mind the risks you take when you get fillers from someone who is not an expert. The FDA has recently published a news release alerting cosmetic surgery customers to the dangers of dermal fillers when not applied by someone with appropriate training and experience.

As you may know, BOTOX® and other fillers are applied via injection with a small hypodermic needle. This needle allows the doctor to pinpoint the exact area on your face that requires the filler, but if misapplied, the filler can be injected into a blood vessel, causing blockages in your circulatory system. These blockages can travel through your body and cause skin death, blindness, or even stroke.

In order to avoid these issues with their cosmetic fillers, you should:

  • Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about risks associated with the procedure
  • Ask your cosmetic surgeon about their training and experience with the procedure
  • Ask your cosmetic surgeon for information on the filler you want to use
  • Seek immediate medical attention for any problems that occur after getting fillers

One thing it is easy to forget is that different fillers are meant for different parts of the face and body. For example, BOTOX® is best used around the forehead and the area around the eyes where “crow’s feet” form. Juvederm, on the other hand, can be injected in the lower face and lips. Ask Dr. Rifai about which fillers are best for which part of the face.

If you want an experienced and careful cosmetic surgeon to apply your dermal fillers, you can’t do better than Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery! We have a history of success with our patients, and want to continue that success with you. To set up an appointment at our Southfield, Detroit, or Port Huron offices, call us at (248) 723-9370.

Posted Date: 05-15-2015

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