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Put Unsightly Lines Out Of Sight

Unsightly lines, creases and abnormally hollowed areas can be corrected through RADIESSE® (calcium hydroxylapatite). It is an excellent facial filler for cheek augmentation!

This is not only a safe and effective procedure, there are no significant allergic reactions associated with RADIESSE.

A great advantage of RADIESSE is the fact that it promotes new tissue formation in the treated area, resulting slowly in a long-term or permanent correction.

Procedure Overview: Radiesse

The material is pre-packaged in a 1.5 cc syringe. It is mixed with a local anesthetic solution before use to minimize patient discomfort.

Recovery Time: Radiesse

RADIESSE only takes a few minutes to perform and requires zero downtime.

The most commonly reported side-effect from the procedure is bruising and swelling.

There is no recovery time , and make-up can be used immediately over the treated area.

Frequently Asked Radiesse Questions

How long will the effect last?
Answer:  One year is an average time, although much longer period were noted in our experience.

Can I have an allergic reaction?

There has not been any allergic reaction noted in our experience with hundreds of patients treated with RADIESSE.

Can it be used in the lips?

We do not feel that RADIESSE is appropriate for lip enhancement due to its density and white color.



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